Bundle 2: 200 Instagram Post Templates - Aesthetic Minimalism [Editable on Canva]

Bundle 2: 200 Instagram Post Templates - Aesthetic Minimalism [Editable on Canva] | Code: #FB2 | Rp 800.000 | Demo IG Feeds, Demo IG Stories

This bundle consists of 100 Instagram Feed Templates (1:1) & 100 Instagram Story Templates (9:16). Both are suitable for minimalism niche yet it can be used for other niches too. Moreover, the layout of each page fits to any coaching Instagram account and each design is worth to be a part of any aesthetic Instagram post.

Both are made on premium Canva account and editable on Canva too, original, and contains various engaging posts and aimed to level up your Instagram Feeds and Stories in order to increase your audience awareness. A unique Instagram page also plays a strong role in boosting your sales.

DO: 1. Change the fonts, colors, and pictures on the templates; 2. Replace that “@feedsthetics“ watermark with your name or your business name; 3. Edit the templates, then publish them on your social media; 4. Use the templates for your personal use or business on social media (one account only).

DON'TS: 1. Share this to others; 2. Sell this template; 3. Give it away as a freebie or redistribute it even with minor changes to the design

NOTES: before posting it to your social media, please kindly edit it first so as not violate copyright

A PDF file containing the Canva Template Link and instructions for use

1. After check out, you will get a PDF file containing the Canva Template Link; 2. Open the PDF file and click the template link; 3. Edit the templates, export them to upload on Instagram

1. Send the format below to Instagram DM @feedsthetics.id or Whatsapp:

"Feeds - (Your name) - (Your email) - #(Template Code)"

Example: Feeds - Dian - radianikulsum@gmail.com - #FB2

2. You will get further information about the payment methods

3. Complete the payment

4. Send the proof of payment

5. You will receive the PDF file containing the Canva Template link through your email