About Us

The Background

I am sure that most of you have experienced falling in love at the very first sight. Or somehow meeting strangers that look so attractive and cannot get them out of your mind. Imagine how if another day you see them again and again and you become more interested in them, want to know them, get their contacts, enjoy the convos together, and finally you both become a couple.

That very early stage of romance also goes to your sales story. Before you spoil any benefit or advantage of your products and services to your prospective buyers, you need to touch their hearts first. Moreover, when you want to sell something on social media, make sure you show up yourself uniquely. Not only to present that you have a good product but also to stand out from your competitors.

Aside from presenting useful content on social media, especially Instagram -- where visuals are so important -- you need to wrap them up with attractive designs both on your Instagram Feed and each of your posts. When your page looks great, aesthetic, eye-catching, and presentable, your audience will find it easier to remember you and your identity. The more you show up every day, the more they are exposed to your presence, and the more they become aware of your existence, somehow the desire of wanting to know you is getting bigger. By serving your good quality content with great designs so your page looks professional, it will win over your prospective customers and client attention to finally buy your products and work with you.

So, we are here to help you make your Instagram pages look more presentable and aesthetic as a part of sales. Our presence is within every design we serve.

Our Services

Graphic designs & Photography

Work with Us

We are so much welcome to any collaboration opportunity. Eagerly waiting for your collaboration proposal in our mailbox: feedsthetics.id@gmail.com! :)